history and mission

Istituto Marangoni - History and Mission

Teach fashion, teach design.

Is it possible to teach fashion?  That was probably the question that, in 1935, Giulio Marangoni, famous for his clothes which were already being worn by Italian aristocracy, asked himself.  To answer this question, he founded the Istituto Artistico dell’abbigliamento Marangoni, or The Marangoni Artistic Clothing Institute in Milan.  It was a school to train professionals and technicians who were highly specialized in the world of fashion.  During its existence, the Istituto Marangoni has never stopped believing in the value of training, constantly updating its programmes to make sure they are always in line with Italian and international market needs.  In the past few years, Istituto Marangoni has opened new campuses in London in 2003, Paris in 2006, and most recently, Shanghai in 2013.

The halls of Istituto Marangoni have tested the talents of four generations of professionals, coming from 92 different countries, which represent the heritage of our school.  Today the Istituto Marangoni continues to successfully “teach fashion”, as its founder wished.  Beyond fashion, it also teaches design, which has many contact points and overlaps with the world of fashion: colors, materials and creativity. 

With a wide range of course possibilities: preparatory, three-year undergraduate and master’s.  Istituto Marangoni has always maintained the goal of training the professionals of tomorrow in key sectors, such as creation, communication, and managerial coordination.

Empower talent in fashion and design

Develop skills, develop new talents. Since 1935, this has been the mission of the Istituto Marangoni, starting from fashion to progressively include design, always with the aim of providing to those who choose the Institute for its training the best means to express themselves creatively. Today Marangoni Institute is an established and recognized aesthetic laboratory to European-style culture but with an Italian imprint, working with the most interesting names in fashion and design, teachers are able to pass on their expertise to train the excellence of tomorrow’s industry professionals who are able to contextualize the classroom learning with the realities of the marketplace. The path includes constant contact with the most important companies in fashion and design, even those who come to the Institute to choose the protagonists for the companies of tomorrow.

Students at Istituto Marangoni have the best instruments to stimulate growth and securely face the working world.  Our courses consist of constant contact, through the faculty with the most important companies in the sector, precisely those  which choose the protagonists of tomorrow.

In the campuses in Milan, Paris, London and Shanghai, students from all over the world meet and interact, with a continuous exchange of ideas, projects, stimuli and vision which all have one common denominator: the evolution of aesthetic taste, which contributes to clarifying that which will be their future professions.