courses in Shanghai

Fashion and bussiness courses in Shanghai - Istituto Marangoni

progressing courses

These courses are directed to individuals who are interesting in the fashion design field with the aim of becoming  fashion or accessories designers.
The course duration is of 300-400 hours. In particular, the programme consists of  3 blocks, which incrementally form trainees in the areas of fashion.

postgraduate courses

These courses are directed to fashion professionals wishing to enhance their careers or consider a new career development in the fashion system with a specific focus in the areas of fashion business, luxury brand management, buying and promotion. These specialist courses consist of 150-300 hours.  

Short Professional Courses

These courses are directed at individuals who are interested in the fashion fields, with a particular attention on fashion design and fashion business in order to support them in obtaining specific professional training. The duration of the courses can be of 150 or 75 hours.  

Short Introductory Courses

These courses are directed at individuals interested in obtaining a basic knowledge and skills in the fashion fields and in the fashion system.