Interior design

Creative luxury living for residential, commercial & luxury space

The course

Furnishings, fabrics, textures and colours, experts in designing and translating style for living space or luxury residences work with all aspects of interior design, while positively managing client relations throughout the design project. This one year course is for individuals looking to challenge the world of interiors, with particular attention to the concept of luxury interiors and new aesthetics. At postgraduate level participants will already have experience in design or technical project planning in order to successfully follow the course components in creative research, home décor design, professional project development, and business preparation. Working with different materials participants are able to make practical and accurate design choices, considering the durability of surfaces in areas that are exposed to high usage, or simply switching materials to create various ‘zones’ within a space that reflects a different style or feel. Participants learn how to combine technical aspects in layout, material choices and technology, with contemporary decoration and design elements, translating the ‘identity’ of a fashion brand, business, or individual, into a sophisticated project within the home collection sector.

Experimentation with contemporary interiors is encouraged; by analysing the current discipline participants learn how to challenge traditional design styles, and take risks with innovative new proposals. They look at new attitudes in the industry that are evolving today including influences in sustainability and innovative new materials and technologies. Throughout the course participants manage the development of complex projects coordinating fabrics, colours, patterns and furnishings in harmony with both contemporary trends, and client needs using advanced technical design skills (CAD).

They work on the interior design of living spaces within domestic settings, choosing furniture and styles for public spaces in hotels and restaurants as well as yacht interiors, and create design proposals that represent the leading companies of fashion and luxury décor. The course syllabus is strongly oriented towards the working relationship between the designer and the client; the ability to negotiate design style proposals, or overcome problems, requires client involvement in every step of the design process. Communication skills further provide a professional approach in the presentation of ideas to businesses and new clients while a final graduation showcase event gives participants the opportunity to showcase their work and build a network of contacts within the industry. This course is also available via an Executive Training Formula.


  • Design for residential spaces
  • Client expectations and brief
  • The luxury industry
  • Professional portfolio
  • Innovative materials and surfaces
  • Illustration and colour techniques
  • CAD design 3D rendering
  • Fashion influence in home collection
  • Creative research methods


  • Collection development manager
  • Interior designer
  • Textile/print designer
  • Illustrator
  • Materials researcher/trend forecaster

talent projects

Discover the creativity of the curricular projects realised by attendees of the master courses from the Istituto Marangoni Schools of Design.

Milano School of Design

Érica Giacomelli, Javier Velo, Kirill Ivko 

Maryna Chyrak, Marta G. Onieva and Javier Velo 

Pilar Magana

Mariana Camara and Pilar Magana

Nupur Bajaj and Evangelia Kouvaraki