management surgery

The course

The objective of the course is to give successful candidates for the master’s programmes the chance to improve their knowledge of economics and business. During the course, participants will explore analysis of costs and the main principles of finance and economics for the understanding of company organization,.

In addition to the micro and macro environments in which companies work, students will analyse the main macroeconomic indicators and their influence on the growth and development of the global market. Another aspect of the course will be the study of fashion systems, in which students will look at the supply chain and the product.

The study of marketing, communication, luxury and fashion brands is an important introduction to the themes and topics that will be covered in the master’s course. The master’s course consists of lectures, tutorials and the reading of specialist articles to better contextualise the subjects in contemporary fashion business.



Learning outcomes

  • understand the concept of a company and the activities and resources necessary for its functioning.
  • evaluate macro and micro factors in the economy and their influence on a company and its business.
  • define the principle players in the supply chain of fashion and analyse their interaction in design and production.
  • understand the basic elements of marketing and the communication of a fashion luxury brand.


Course themes

  • principles of economics
  • micro and macro environment
  • introduction to the fashion system
  • marketing