Short Course · 3 weeks

25 Jun 2018 - 13 Jul 2018
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full package in twin room € 5.500
tuition fee only € 4.100

Programme Specification


A fine balance of artistic skill, craft application, fashion and luxury: this course introduces techniques in both new and traditional textile design and hand printing, combined with an overview of contemporary digital print knowledge. Participants learn creative design and print techniques, and gain an understanding of fabrics and materials, and the key processes and methods used in today’s fashion, art and design industries that represent

contemporary textiles practice. The course teaches how to conduct research, develop and create original prints and surfaces embellishments for a luxury brand. It also shows what is needed to become a print designer for fashion, interior and product design, how to ccollaborate with trend books development for textile companies and what it takes to become an independent textile designer for exhibiting in trade shows.


Week 1

Creative research methods and the artistic approach to textiles are the starting points in the first week aimed at generating visual imagery for textiles design. Expressive mark making and painterly approaches will be encouraged typical of Art practice to generate unexpected visual results to apply to design ideas. Participants will also touch on colour theory applied to design. A wider look at the context of textiles and print related industries including interiors, couture, and contemporary art and design will assist in the development of ideas and innovative design.

Week 2

Participants begin to analyse the key print techniques including block, stencil, heat press (foil and flock), screen, and hand painting and the visual characteristics they produce on cloth. They move on to study the techniques, process and methods of modern printing and textile design which includes the digital process in textiles design, while also looking at both traditional and contemporary dying techniques. With practical design lessons, participants are given the chance to select and experiment print and embellishment techniques in beading, handcraft, or creative surface decoration techniques.

Week 3

This week gives participants the opportunity to produce textile designs, generated through their studies and present six final paper designs or fabric swatches. As well as applying the brief overview of the international fashion and art scene in textile design, both past and present, participants are also encouraged to interpret fashion trends and apply this in their own unique individual style and personal vision, in order to create the final design ideas. More advanced theory in print engineering including serigraphy and digital printing placement and repeat printing will be part of the final week, in order to gain a more complete knowledge of processes used in textiles production, including natural and sustainable material issues. At the end of the course participants will be able to communicate an individual and innovative range of textile design ideas, reinterpreting heritage crafts with a contemporary feel.

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