fashion communication & new media

communicating fashion and luxury as a specific subject

The course

The purpose of the three-year course in fashion communication and new media is to train professionals to ‘communicate’ fashion and luxury through traditional media and new media, responding to the new demands of global fashion. The three-year course explores the basics of fashion communication by looking at historical and traditional examples before moving onto more recent expressions of the captivating magic of fashion and luxury in videos, websites and through social networks.

The ability to convey emotions through the use of images is the foundation of the skills of fashion communicators. Participants will be trained in order to prepare them for an industry where the visual language of appearance has always been key to the narrative. Great attention will be paid to developing the ability to filter ideas using tools from social observation and semiotics. Several research initiatives, both personal and professional, will help the participant deepen their understanding of the topics covered in the three-year course, with the goal of providing them with all the tools necessary to communicate the values of a brand, a fashion designer, a collection, a world of ‘values’ with a unique and differentiating style. The course will also enable future professionals to use all the newest forms of visual  communication, including video and new media, without losing the essential focus that comes from the necessary rigor of conventional editorial.

The fashion communication professional is the one who narrates this universe and at the same time participates in the definition and dissemination of fashion ‘trends’ as inspiring ideas not only in the field of clothing but also in the world of textiles and accessories. Their narrative is part of the extensive analysis of style and puts fashion in connection with art, cinema, music, design, marketing and society.

They know how to find the time, ways and forms to create the buzz necessary to increase brand awareness, to intercept needs and aesthetic redundancies, while always respecting the brand image and the constraints of the budget assigned. In short, the fashion communication professional is someone who combines managerial rigor with creativity and poetry.

In the contemporary world, where fashion is omnipresent and information overwhelms us, the success of a brand and a collection cannot come about without the effective management of communication. The new media & communications professional is the key figure of the future. Through their insights and ability to present and communicate to an audience eager for novelty and demanding at the same time, this professional can determine the success of a company, a newspaper or a media outlet by amplifying brand equity.


Fashion communicators use the tools of brand advertising and promotion to reflect and represent the image of the brand. They are great communicators and use their public relations expertise to best place a fashion company in the market. These professionals can work independently as freelancers or coordinate a team in a fashion company, work in a traditional editorial or in the evolving domain of new media.

Learning outcomes

  • analyse and evaluate the strategies and tactics implemented through traditional and new fashion media by different organizations to promote products, services and experiences at different levels of the market;
  • analyse the principles of communication theory and evaluate how these principles apply to the development of communication campaigns for fashion and luxury;
  • design and develop communication and promotion strategies, with an emphasis on new media, which take into account the target organizations and their overall competitive positioning;
  • analyse the emergence of new communication systems and their impact on the promotional strategies of organizations in the fashion industry;
  • analyse the semantics used by the press, advertising and public relations offices of fashion and luxury goods, in order to develop critical content to be used in the development of an individual research project;
  • research and elaborate the quality of writing for new fashion media.

Course themes


  • fashion writing
  • editorial environmental
  • image construction
  • history of art and dress


  • fashion communication 1
  • the art of reportage
  • video editing
  • design and cultural perspective


  • fashion communication 2
  • digital pr management
  • new app
  • researching theory & practice