Daria Zaks

Daria Zaks - Istituto Marangoni

Country: Israel

Brand or Profession: Interior Designer

Course Attended: Interior Design · three year course · undergraduate

School: Milano School of Design

Graduated in: 2014


Daria Zaks is a young Israeli Interior Designer currently attending an internship programme at Barbara Pizzi Design & Architecture studio in Merate. This work experience, powered by a strong interest in the management of public and commercial spaces, helps her develop her designer skills, as one of her tasks is to design exhibition spaces for international trade shows.
Daria Zaks graduated in Interior Design from Istituto Marangoni School of Design in Milano. As part of a project organized by Istituto Marangoni in partnership with the Museum of Art in Gallarate (MAGA), during her senior year, Daria Zaks has overseen the redesign of the museum dealing with the definition of public spaces.

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