Francisco Terra

country: Brazil

brand or profession: Fashion Designer Givenchy

programme studied: fashion design · one year course · undergraduate

school: Paris Fashion School

graduated in: 2011


He is the designer of men’s prêt-à-porter for Givenchy in Paris. Strange to think that he was born and raised in the mountains of south-eastern Brazil. But since childhood he showed an obsession with fashion magazines. After his studies in business administration, he opened an alternative street-wear shop named Wash Your Tshirt. Later he attended film school and took a degree in video and photography.

In 2007, he finally achieved his dream of moving to Paris. He then entered the Center for International Trade of the United Nations in Geneva, working in different sectors, including the development of textiles in South Africa. Back in Paris, he enrolled at Istituto Marangoni, where, says Francisco, "he learned the profession of fashion designer, but also the importance of doing what you love."

During his time at the school he worked for brands such as Zibba and Raf Simons. Upon finishing the course in 2011 he entered Givenchy.

His dream is to provide not only beautiful clothes and beautiful images, but also significant intellectual ideas.

The dark side of nature is where he finds most of his inspiration. At times, on the borderline of sensuality, decadence and provocation, he is transgressively ambiguous.