Giulio Masciocchi

Giulio Masciocchi - Isituto Marangoni

Name: Giulio Masciocchi

country: Italy

brand name or occupation: concept e product designer at Gianni Versace

programme studied: product design · three-year course · undergraduate

School: Milano

year of graduation: 2013


He currently designs accessories and furniture for "Versace" and "Versace Home". Giulio was born in Como, an area of excellence in Italy’s furniture design industry.

After his high-school diploma as Industrial Technical expert, he moved to the UK and worked as a textile designer for the London’s leading print design studio Westcott-Design Ltd. Here he had the opportunity to experiment with concepts and develop his creative talents before returning to Italy and graduating cum laude from Istituto Marangoni Milano in 2013.

He quickly managed to enter the design industry collaborating with the avant-garde eyewear brand Glassing. At the age of 23, he achieved success designing the "un1co" sunglasses, worn by, among others, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

He designed furniture as well, with rational, cutting-edge interior design items including ‘WTF’, a series of cushions made using waste silk from the textile industry; and the functional wooden beach chair ‘Xylem’, exhibited at Salone Satellite during the Salone del Mobile 2014 trade show in Milano.

“My expertise and my training are the starting point of my projects”, says Masciocchi. He claims to have taken a comprehensive approach to the "auto-planning" and design of everyday objects. His commitment to modern functionality combined with the wise use of materials, often conceived in an eco-friendly framework, is the key to his current and future success.