Ji Cheng

Ji Cheng - Istituto Marangoni

Name: Ji Cheng

country: China

brand name or occupation: fashion designer, owner of the La vie brand

programme studied: fashion design womenswear · master course · postgraduate

School: Milano

year of graduation: 2002


She is recognized as among the most brilliant of Istituto Marangoni alumni in China.

After studying Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni in Milano, Ji Cheng worked as a designer and visual director for many prestigious brands before starting her own label in 2002. La vie by Ji Cheng, a hymn to young independent women, is a fashion and lifestyle brand that currently boasts a flagship store and a concept store in Shanghai, as well as several distributors overseas.

Renowned as one of China's leading designers and influencers, Cheng’s design philosophy blends Chinese sophistication and modern wit, resulting in a unique signature style that combines the essence of Chinese tradition with contemporary tailoring.