Kai Xiang

Kai Xiang - Istituto Marangoni

country: China

brand or profession: Fashion designer, owner of the KAIXIANG brand

programme studied: fashion design · three year course · undergraduate

school: Milano Fashion School

year of graduation: 2010


KAI founded his own fashion studio in 2012 and named it after himself KAIXIANG. He strives for detail-orientated methods in cutting and designing, resulting in a delicate and luxurious style which is comfortable and yet simple at the same time.

Women who wear KAIXIANG are said to be blessed with a unique understanding of fashion and beauty.

After his graduation from Istituto Marangoni, KAI moved to New York and joined ZAC POSEN as a designer assistant responsible for custom-designing the high-end ready-to-wear clothing. Afterwards, he worked as a designer and patternmaker at Wes Gordon, where he also participated in some of the brand’s fashion shows. He is currently collaborating with FITU, a new concept shoe brand committed to expressing fashion in a more cost-effective way.