Li Xuan Wang

Li Xuan Wang - Istituto Marangoni

country: Italy

brand or profession: ermenegildo zegna’s fashion designer

attended course: fashion design · three year course · undergraduate & fashin design menswear · master course · postgraduate

school: Milano Fashion School

graduated in: 2012


Li Xuan Wang is 26 years old and of Chinese origin. She came to Istituto Marangoni Milano to study Fashion Design more than 5 years ago and is full of passion for fashion. She gave her best in the three-year fashion course and has had a lot of amazing opportunities to achieve her dream goal. She was the finalist of the Gala London Graduate Fashion Week, representing Istituto Marangoni Milano, and was one of the protagonists of The Doc-talent show in SKY: The Fashion School. After graduating she won a scholarship to do the Fashion Design Master course. After becoming a winner of her year on the master’s course, she started working in Ermenegildo Zegna as designer where she remains to this day.

She took inspiration from rubber, looking at its sturcture ,multiple curvy lines that it takes on according to its use, she has imagined a collection that retakes its silhouettes maximum the volumes, transform the idea of shape and volume to the collection’s garments and enriched the garments. She wanted to use knit to create soft armour, focusing on the idea of change and transformation, she worked on the layering and volumes creating a high ability of adaptation that can be turned, transformed, braided and worn differently according to the man who wears it.