Miguel García Abad

Miguel García Abad - Istituto MArangoni

country: Spain

brand or profession: fashion designer, owner of the Miguel Alex brand

programme studied: fashion design · three year course · undergraduate

school: Milano Fashion School · London Fashion School

year of graduation: 2010


Born in Cordoba, in Spain, in 1989, Miguel Garcia Abad studied Fashion Design at the Istituto Marangoni schools in Milano and London. In 2010, he completed his training with a capsule collection inspired by the use of fibre optics, and went on to win the Swarovski Elements competition in 2010, establishing in this way a lasting relationship with the Austrian brand.

After graduating back in Spain, he began his career in Madrid, where he worked for the Spanish luxury leather-goods brand Loewe. In 2011 he launched his brand Miguel Alex and began to make his way in the fashion world, producing models in which he developed with great ease his taste for white optics and light. In October of the same year he debuted in the Marmara Forum in Istanbul Fashion Week with his first collection, SS/2014.

His style is forged on asymmetry and geometric lines juxtaposed with unusual materials, like the wood used in the recent SS/2014 collection CollaGeo(metric). His ability to play with form and his expressive power make him a sophisticated designer but also, essentially, one who is engaged in a constant search for the transparency of tissues, for unique weaving and for the secret nuances of light.

In 2012 he was one of the winners of the Next Generation contest, organised and promoted by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. This success allowed him to take part in the 2013 Milano Fashion Week.