Sabrina Hu

Sabrina Hu - Istituto Marangoni

Country: China

Brand or Profession:  fashion designer, owner of the Ombra brand

Course Attended:  fashion design womenswear · master course ·  postgraduate

School: Milano Fashion School

Graduated in: 2009

Sabrina is a Chinese designer born in Italy. She began her private journey as a fashion designer when she launched her own brand Ombra in 2013, in pursuit of her own design willingness. With the meaning of “shadow” in Italian, Ombra reflects the concept that everyone is born to be unique no matter what conditions they are under.

After completing her Master Course in Fashion Design Womenswear at Istituto Marangoni Milano, she started working as a designer and a patternmaker for several fashion companies such as Areline, BIGS S.R.L, GIXCHI. Over her career, she has also co-designed with Dolce&Gabbana and Giuseppe Zanotti.

Her efforts have paid off with her own brand now. The designs she presents combine the merits of elegance, maturity and décor without ever overlooking details and quality. In so doing, she tries to drag the best out of people without any restrictions.