Sofie Insam

Sofie Insam

country: Italy

brand or profession: knitwear fashion designer. Since October 2010 she has been the assistant stylist for sweaters (CDI) in Balenciaga in Paris

programme studied: fashion design · three year course · undergraduate

school: Paris Fashion School

graduated in: 2010


Her imagination is multifaceted, bringing her to experiment and find inspiration in nature and art. Interested in the research and development of sophisticated textures with three-dimensional effects and geometric cuts, she willingly enriches her clothes with original sculptural details.

Backed by two years of experience in graphic and photographic studios in Italy, she studied fashion design at Istituto Marangoni in Paris and Milan. A few months after graduation, her idea for the end of a fashion show – a white swimsuit adorned with balloons that broke one by one, exploding colour onto it – was the idea that helped her win the final of the French competition Triumph Inspiration Award 2010. Her journey has continued without interruption. She went to Balenciaga for an internship in the development of models and in sweaters, and in 2011, she was hired as assistant designer of knitwear.