IMdesignTalks 2017-2018

Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Design announces a brand new set of scheduled lectures with leading Design experts. Planned to be held twice a month and open to all students, IMdesignTalks provide Istituto Marangoni’s young talents with useful insight into professional profiles, best practices and considerations on the design industry.

The new course of lectures for the academic year 2017-2018 will start next October 19th and will run until May 2018. A number of areas will be covered, as always, in order to provide the students with specific skills and strategic visions of the Design world.

Matteo Cibic, Leone Spita, Marco Palmieri, Fabrizio and Nelcya Cantoni, Daniele Lora, and Alessandro Calligaro will deliver speeches around Interior design, with in-depth analyses of cultural, psychological and strategic aspects of the subject matter; Maurizio Riva, Valerio Cometti, and representatives from CtrlZak and Prisma project will deal with the Product Design area, while Paolo Troilo, Margot Zanni, and Paolo Zeccara will investigate the evolution and technicalities of Visual Design.

Students attending AFAM validated courses will obtain course credits upon participation and presentation of a final report.



19th October 2017 • Maurizio Riva, Riva 1920 founder • The carpenter: an incredible story of the wood

11th January 2018 • CTRLZAK, Art & Design Studio • Form Follows Meaning

22nd February 2018 • Valerio Cometti, Valerio Cometti+V12 Design founder • The dark side of Design

26th April 2018 • Matteo Agati, Terence Coton, Gustavo Martini, Giulio Masciocchi, Designers and Alumni of Istituto Marangoni • The Prisma Project


16th November 2018 • Matteo Cibic, Creative Director and Designer • New utopias

30th November 2018 • Leone Spita, Architect and Professor • Tokyo dress-code: young, smart, casual. The intermediate space in Japanese architecture

25th January 2018 • Marco Palmieri, Architect and Interior Designer • Exhibition Design as a tailor-made construction around the art piece

8th February 2018 • Fabrizio Cantoni, Nelcya Cantoni and Daniele Lora, cc-tapis founders and Art Directors • cc-tapis: A happy rug story

5th April 2018 • Alessandro Calligaro, Psychiatry and interior design • Psychology of Living and Interior Decoration


14th December 2018 • Paolo Troilo, artist, father of finger-painted hyperrealism • The creative path from ego to self

8th March 2018 • Margot Zanni, Digital Design Consultant, Dalani Home&Living • Design online: how to sell it and dream it

22nd March 2018 • Paolo Zeccara, VFX Supervisor • The Art of Illusion: Technical and aesthetic evolution of Visual Effects


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