aldo fallai special lecture

aldo fallai special lecture

On July 24th, Aldo Fallai held a lecture for the master course students of Shanghai Training Centre.  A special lecture, indeed, which felt more like a face-to-face conversation, rather than a traditional 2 hour "master class" dissertation.

In his talk, Fallai mentioned how he was missing the 1970s, a time when everyone used to wear different brands at parties, so much so that you could discern designers at a glance.

Every fashion house had its own unique style. Modern fashion is cute, it makes up a colourful and harmonious sample of what’s going on in our lives. Nonetheless, he doesn't like it. There’s too much uniformity, plenty of plagiarism, today’s fashion suffers from a lack of imagination. This is the worst of times, but on the other hand he believes it could be a good time for young designers to show their talent and make their time in the fashion industry a rewarding experience.

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At the end of the lecture, nine professional fashion modelling students and their teacher Marxut had a “close-up contact” with Aldo Fallai during the "triumph photo studio" workshop, as the master himself got involved in the fashion photography activities.

Before the shooting, the students had the benefit of exchanging views with Fallai, which is a very big deal since he is a true connoisseur of beauty, and also a great talent-scout. The master has a unique understanding of fashion and unparalleled knowledge of aesthetics, he actually infuses new life into fashion designs.