Design Master’s talks in Asia

Design lectures in China

Giulio Cappellini, architect and art director at Istituto Marangoni Milano · The School of Design gave the case histories of extraordinary people in a series of Design Master's talks delivered in China and Taiwan throughout November.

Open to students, teachers and design enthusiasts, the lecture titled “Explorers of design between imagination and reality” organized by Istituto Marangoni, the prestigious school of fashion and design, address the stories of people who left a mark in Cappellini’s professional life and who encouraged him to explore the potential of design in the balance between imagination and reality.

The talks took place at four major Chinese and Taiwanese design schools:

19th November · Taichung Asia University
20th November · Shih Chien Taipei University
21st November · Beijing Tsingua University
22nd November · Shanghai training center

At the scheduled lectures, arch. Giulio Cappellini talked about his professional experience and what has made him one of the undisputed protagonist of Italian Design. “Istituto Marangoni aims at developing creativity starting from the concept of ‘Made in Italy’ and the heritage of Italian craftsmanship” declared Roberto Riccio, Istituto Marangoni Group Managing Director, “This is what we call italianess and we strongly believe that Giulio Cappellini is the right ambassador able to transmit it with passion and competence to the audience all over the word.”