Mishra’s debut at PFW 2014

Istituto Marangoni alumnum Rahul Mishra debuted with his first full collection at Paris Fashion Week on 1st October, 2014.

Inspired by Japanese artworks and Chintz textile, the women’s Spring/Summer 15 collection named ‘The Ferryman’s Tale’ by New Delhi designer Rahul Mishra combines hexagonal floral patterns with silks and sheer lace embroidery, to make up an elegantly feminine finish fashioned as ready to wear flowing skirts, cropped tops and sheer capes.

Mishra graduated from Istituto Marangoni Milano in 2007 with a Master Course in Fashion Design Womenswear.
The concept of ‘journey’ is often in the spotlight when Mishra comments on his creations, as well as his well-reiterated respect for India’s craft community: “Every destination I have reached has always increased my quest to a greater design sensibility and cause to uphold the richness of India’s textiles and craft” he said about his latest collection.

We say bravo to Rahul Mishra.