talent projects · Radoll and Fidelix

talent projects · Radoll and Fidelix - Istituto Marangoni

Malick Photo Lounge, London

name and surname: Carla Radoll and Monica Fidelix 

course: interior design intensive · intensive course · undergraduate programme

school: Milano School of Design

country: Brazil

Carla Radoll and Monica Fidelix are two students of the Interior Design Intensive programme of Istituto Marangoni School of Design in Milano. Carla Radoll, of Italian-Brazilian origins, graduated in Civil Engineering and aspires to get into the world of interior design powered by a lively creative spirit. Monica Fidelix is graduated in Marketing instead, and is more oriented to the management of commercial spaces.

 A perfect duet to work on a curricular project that combines visual arts, functionality and sense of belonging. The design of "Malick Lounge Bar" in London is a tribute to Traditional photography, a haven where people can revive analog techniques in the Digital Era. In defining the details of the project, the two participants have developed the concept from a technical point of view, but without overlooking artistic and emotional aspects.

The Malick Photo Lounge is a 100-m² space designed on the theme of analog photography located in one of London’s hipster districts, Shoreditch. This is a place designed for young artists and fans of the genre who want to rescue traditions from the past and adapt their world to a vintage reality. Carla and Monica designed specific spaces where people can go anytime of the day to develop films in the darkrooms available, or to learn how to create this art, through the different workshops that can be given there. Finally, by night Malick becomes a cozy Lounge Bar wrapped in a sensual atmosphere of past times, a journey between the exhibits inside the Gallery, a place where to rent analog cameras, or simply take some amazing pictures.