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Choose your fashion, art or design programme in Milano, Firenze, Paris or London.

fighting for talent since 1935

Istituto Marangoni was founded in 1935 in Milano as 'Istituto Artistico dell'Abbigliamento Marangoni' and in 2015 it reaches a special milestone, 80 years of history and success in training the top professionals of Fashion and Design. Istituto Marangoni can praise itself for the education of four generations of students from 5 continents and for having launched over 45,000 professionals in fashion and luxury fields, such as Domenico Dolce (Dolce & Gabbana) and Franco Moschino.


It currently educates 4,000 students per year from 106 countries at its schools, located in Milano (the School of Fashion and the School of Design), Paris, London and Shanghai, the international capitals of fashion, design and luxury.
The second Istituto Marangoni in China is opening in September in Shenzhen, the key reference point for clothing and furniture production. Also in September a new school will be inaugurated in Firenze, the meeting point between art and culture.

fashion courses · milano · firenze · paris · london


Preparatory Courses

  • Foundation Year · London

One Year Courses

  • Fashion Design Intensive · Milano · Firenze
  • fashion business & brand management intensive · Milano · Paris

Three Year Courses

  • Fashion Design · Firenze


Semester Courses

  • luxury brand management & promotion · Firenze
  • fashion buying & merchandising · Firenze

preparatory courses

  • presessional master's for fashion · London1

master's courses

  • fashion design womenswear · Milano2 · London1
  • fashion design collection · Firenze2
  • luxury accessories design & management · Milano2 · Firenze2
  • fashion promotion communication & media · London1
  • fashion & luxury brand management · Milano2· Paris1 · London1
  • contemporary fashion buying · Milano2· London1

short courses

3 weeks

  • Fashion Design · milano · firenze · london
  • Fashion Image & Styling · milano · firenze · paris · london
  • Fashion Business · milano · firenze · paris · london
  • Fashion Visual Merchandising · london
  • Portfolio for Fashion, Art & Design · milano · firenze
  • Fashion Buying · milano · firenze
  • Curation & Criticism · firenze

design courses · milano · firenze · london


One Year Courses

  • interior design intensive · Milano
  • accessories design intensive · Milano


Master's Courses

  • home collection · Milano2
  • luxury accessories design & management · Milano2· Firenze2
  • new tech: style trend, textiles, technology · Milano3
    in collaboration with

Short courses

2-weeks Courses

  • Boutique Hotel Design · milano

3-weeks Courses

  • Interior Design · milano · London
  • Accessories Design · Firenze

1 Students who successfully complete the programmes taught in English in Paris and London will be awarded a master's degree by Manchester Met (Manchester Metropolitan University-UK). Master's degrees include a 12-week work placement 180 credits points must be earned in order for a master's degree to be awarded upon completion of the course. All candidates should meet specific requirements (please check the website indicating your nationality and study level). For further details please do not hesitate to contact the information office at the chosen school.

2 Students who successfully complete the programmes taught in Milano and Firenze will be awarded with an Istituto Marangoni certificate.

3 At the end of the course, upon successful completion of the final exam, participants will be awarded a First level Master certification (60 CFU equivalent to 60 ECTS).

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