Preparation for postgraduate level study

Preparatory Course

21 Sep 2020 - 9 Oct 2020
tuition fee only € 3.900

This short intensive one-month course aims to increase the knowledge base of participants in the areas of art and culture. Based in Florence, the location provides an additional and unique source for research; surrounded by historic works of art, and a cultural history pivotal to the art world. Candidates who satisfy admissions qualifications for a master programme may require additional tuition in art history, modern and contemporary art, and new media in the art world, to accomplish the high standards of postgraduate education; improving their proficiency in creative research, and ability to distinguish aspects of visual culture in various historic periods.
The course focuses on providing an overview of the most important art movements, from Giotto to the present in order to understand the contemporary art panorama and gain an overall appreciation of artworks past and present. Tutorials help participants to perfect research through sourcing relevant images and objects, and by analysing cultural influences, fundamental to professional critique, and ultimately, in explaining their own vision and ideas in design, art management, event management, media communication, and curation to name just a few.

The course adopts a critical approach to different perspectives, embracing key figures including Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raffaello, and key movements including Pop Art, Body Art, Minimal, Conceptual, Land Art, Arte Povera, Contemporary Art and also art installations. Tutorials, individual meetings and guidance also allow participants to improve their own design identify, strengths, abilities, and passions when planning a successful study path at postgraduate level.


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