Short Courses · Online Option · 4 weeks
4 Jan 2021 - 29 Jan 2021
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tuition fee only € 2.600

Programme Specification

These short courses explore the real influence and impact that art has on fashion and luxury, and the relationship between these two important creative systems.  As well as evaluating this unique creative mix, the course also provides an exciting journey into the worlds of creative arts and arts management with essential concepts in curating, events and exhibition planning, new concepts of digital artistic expression, as well as the promotion of creative and fashion projects.
Participants will also gain a real understanding of the influence and “power” that art has always exercised on style and the way we dress, as well as on business and lifestyle, by studying key artistic movements in history, and their impact on designers and artists.

Designers have, in fact, consistently fed their imagination with stimuli from art. Meanwhile, it is also true that today the fashion industry is one of the most important supporters and promoters of contemporary art. At the end of the course participants will bring together their creative research in order to present a basic illustrated event proposal for a creative project of their choice.

Blended Course:

4 weeks – 2 weeks online + 2 weeks in school:

Blended programmes offer an exciting mix of online classes, frontal lessons, and workshops combined with guest talks with the industry, and external visits. For example, an ‘artistic safari’ of fashionable retail outlets, as well as to local exhibitions or museums allows participants to better understand the fruitful dialogue between Art and Fashion. With the support of tutors in class, they will be able to understand the potential of interdisciplinary projects, and focus on the main concepts of curatorial practice and event management to promote desire in their own individual product or project.


Online Course:

4 weeks online:

Online programmes focus on the digital application of art and fashion, and their use, and impact, worldwide. With a specific attention to online and virtual creative projects, the course encourages the development of an unprecedented fusion and interaction between art, fashion and luxury brands on the web platform. Online seminars with professionals representing the art and fashion industries further enhance the online learning experience, and assist participants in focusing on the main concepts of digital event management and curation, for their own individual product or project.



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