Drawing & Painting

Back to basics to explore and enrich creativity.

This short course gives participants the chance to explore a range of different artistic medium and produce a series of artworks that fosters creativity, beneficial to all areas of fashion, design and art, as well as for personal enjoyment. Participants will be introduced to different materials including for example charcoal, pencil, watercolour, basic oil painting and acrylic colours. The course teaches basic techniques of still life as well as introducing the practice of copying artworks to further practice their skills and use of different medium.

During the course participants also are encouraged to experiment and search for their own personal style of expression and playful engagement encourages unexpected aesthetic solutions by helping participants to express their ideas freely using the medium of their choice. Some classes will be taught in collaboration with professional art studio locations.

Istituto Marangoni preparatory level courses focus on personal enrichment and enjoyment aimed at young and aspiring creatives who may be considering university level study.

At this level of study there are no exams or assessments to worry about. Courses are specifically crafted for anyone interested in learning about design and creative processes, from the very basics, through to some of the more interesting and complex elements. No prior design or software skills are required.

In the first week participants are shown basic drawing techniques including line, shadow (chiaroscuro) and how to reproduce an object looking at proportion, shape and natural representation. A basic overview of historic methods, techniques, and applications and the influence of art used today in fashion and other creative industries also helps to broaden artistic appreciation and creative thinking.  Colour theory and representation is introduced.

During the course progress is made in the various techniques, with participants working on still life, and replication of existing artwork or images to develop their skills. Colour is introduced further with medium including for example acrylic or pastel, oil and watercolour, with emphasis on colour tones, light and dark nuances, and the effects of medium on different materials.

In the last week of the course participants are able to select and focus on one or more successful techniques they have discovered to produce a final artwork that represents the skills acquired during the course, while also demonstrating their own individual style, and creativity.  Final works will receive artistic critique by the tutor.




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