Interior Design


The Executive Master’s degree course is for professionals in the industry wanting to specialise or upgrade their expertise in technical, design and aesthetic areas, as needed to understand the development of contemporary interiors. Analysis and presentation of international trends emerging from the main trade fairs, is divided according to style, colours, design and the study of social and cultural contexts, making it possible to study new scenarios on the luxury market panorama that is the target for interior designs.

The course will analyse the cutting-edge materials and excellence of the artisan products Made in Italy, ranging from next-generation coverings, textiles, wallcoverings and decor, with the support of seminars and visits to the most prestigious showrooms to reveal the potential of interior design businesses and furnishings. By looking deeper at the concept of total living, this course interprets brand identities and adds the capability to translate stylistic codes in private homes, hotels, restaurants and retail spaces.

Updates on lighting technologies and the presentation of new lighting design products will be proposed, evaluating the emotional and sensorial aspects that are so important to contemporary interiors. A futuristic vision will also be designed for home interiors that use new aesthetic languages and techniques linked to areas dedicated to wellbeing and domotics. By perfecting the use of dedicated software for the presentation of layouts, participants will acquire new skills for the representation and viewing of designed interiors.

The themes dealt with will support for the design work of professionals, and will be compared with the needs of businesses in the workshops organised during the course.

Target: This course is for professionals in the industry, architects, interior designers, product managers, and entrepreneurs looking to study and update their expertise in terms of creativity and techniques within the field of interior architecture.

The suite of Executive MA courses provides a unique international opportunity as part of the curriculum of three extended weekends of full emersion in the fashion capitals of the world, where Istituto Marangoni has its Schools: Firenze, Paris and London . Activities include bespoke site visits, local case study testimonials and network opportunities to reinforce a global understanding and specialist knowledge of the chosen field of study.


  • to analyse and acquire the technical and perceptive skills of soft furnishings and coverings;
  • to recognise the styles and identities of luxury market brands;
  • to analyse the evolution of living and contemporary design aesthetics;
  • to interpret and translate the style of a brand in a home collection project;
  • to manage the development of projects aimed at customers, with coordinated ideas for fabrics, colours, patterns, and furnishings in line with contemporary trends;
  • to interpret a space for the assigned project and represent it


  • Defining trends
  • Brand Contaminations
  • Creative design Project
  • Research Methods


  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Company Testimonials
  • Case Studies

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