Executive Short Course · 4 weekends

6 Oct 2018 - 18 Nov 2018
tuition fee only £ 2.900

Programme Specification


The course will guide the participants through the latest fashion trends in the contemporary interior design sector presented during the Salone del Mobile, by developing a style that is capable of defining decor with professionalism and originality. During this programme, the participants will fine-tune their aesthetic sensitivity and decorative skills.


weekend 1
The course will test the participants’ ability to interpret the world of interior design, using complementary styles and various design media, from the formal and functional definition of spaces, to the use of colour and light effects.

weekend 2
Participants will focus on the concept of the environment as a space that relates to man, designed to encourage his interaction, both physically and emotionally. Students will begin studying how to analyse contemporary trends and their analogies with the fashion system, then progress to create a design for an interior area, choosing the materials and colour moods to be used.

weekend 3
Participants will seek creative solutions using appropriate colour schemes to design a contemporary decor while at the same time representing and developing the individual design pieces in a home or industrial interior.

weekend 4
By learning to understand the global concept of luxury lifestyle, students will develop the latest trends to create the idea for a design capable of conveying all aspects of their research, and concentrating their own personal idea of design into an elegant product.

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