The power of digital communication through image

Master's Course**

1 Oct 2018 - 7 Jun 2019
enrolment fee € 5.500
tuition fee € 21.735

** Courses taught in Milano are awarded an Istituto Marangoni diploma.

Programme Specification

The proliferation and spread of media technologies has not only brought attention to written, spoken and visual expression, it has in fact opened up a different ‘creative approach’ to visual design and communication, through new attitudes and behaviours; notably the power and diversity of an image seen through the ‘lens’ of different digital channels. This course explores images from both a theoretical perspective, as well as from a more concrete and practical application; looking at a new horizon in digital imaging technology and processes. The digital world today requires profiles with skills that extend the traditional know-how of an ‘art director’ or ‘photo editor’.

Today companies are looking for qualified professionals that are able to ‘master’ the digital world on all fronts; tackling increasingly complex technical aspects, as well as working from a conceptual, creative, and artistic approach that requires imaginative research skills. By investigating the dramatically different linguistic and expressive options, participants will learn how to select the correct and appropriate application of an image for the diverse digital platforms available today.

They work through advanced tools of production, processing and image distribution, in order to understand the creative processes, inspiration and messages that an image communicates in all areas; from photography to video, synthesized image to the online network – an incremental logic in technology and innovation that seems to have no limit. At an operational level the course explores the latest image processing and editing techniques and their communicative function, while an analysis of high calibre case studies provides a comprehensive knowledge of how companies and brands use images to interpret and represent an idea or communicate a message or a product, and, how the same image produces different messages when ‘visible’ in different digital and communicative platforms (pc monitor, mobile app, tablet or magazine etc.). At postgraduate level participants will have previous undergraduate study in the fields of design, media, graphic and digital communication, similar or relevant work experience.

The Master in Digital Imaging is aimed at candidates engaged in visual communication, media and design that are interested in exploring, experimenting and learning more about the evolution and the potential of new digital technologies for image production and digital sharing, in order to enhance their creative input, and acquire specialised skills that can be applied to both current, and new creative professions.

** Courses taught in Milano are awarded an Istituto Marangoni diploma.


  • Digital vs analogical, ethics and aesthetics
  • Theory, history and critic of digital imaging
  • Photography and synthetic images, techniques and languages
  • Visual arts and digital dedia
  • Hardware and software for digital imaging
  • Digital imaging and digital design
  • Digital imaging and web design
  • Digital imaging and communication
  • Info-graphics and data visualization
  • Publishing and digital imaging

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