Develop, Display, & Communicate Creativity

Master's Course**

1 Oct 2018 - 7 Jun 2019
enrolment fee € 5.500
tuition fee € 21.735

** Courses taught in Milano are awarded an Istituto Marangoni diploma.

Programme Specification

A crossroads between interior and visual design, exhibit or ‘exhibition’ design is a subject area that, in recent years, has experienced substantial growth, forging its own significant path in the design industry. From the broader context of commercial trade fairs, driven by the need to display and promote products, brands and services, exhibit design is also commonplace throughout design, and creative industries. Showcasing exhibits, trade fairs, gallery displays, and through exhibition-events, where the realization of even temporary displays are used as an effective and powerful mode of communication, the exhibit designer successfully communicates the value of the product through display, maintaining and honouring the origin of the concept.

On this course participants learn how to define the characteristics of an exhibition space, seeking the most appropriate way to present (and exhibit) a product or service, work or installation. Exhibit designers work in close collaboration with other professionals such as graphic designers, lighting designers, advertising agencies and construction designers to name just a few, hence the need to be able to manage and master the knowledge of different skills in order to configure all the features of an exhibition project.

The course delves into different areas of design intervention, focusing on the main issues in the working environment from a creative and conceptual level, as well as at a fully operational level. Participants learn the tools, techniques and languages of visual communication in design, learning how to explain and ‘narrate’ live exhibition content, define a path, establish the designer’s point of view and appropriate conceptual approaches, and ultimately, engage audience interaction.

The course covers exhibit design today, visual arts and exhibitions, design narrative, as well as marketing of exhibits, and graphic design in exhibition models and presentations. Participants investigate real working processes through case studies, analysing components in lighting design, production and set-up, new media and project management. A final phase involves bringing together all areas of creative exhibition design and management through the creation/realisation of a final project; an opportunity to build on skills and potential as creative practitioners, taking an idea from concept through to final presentation. The aim of the course is to form exhibit designers as professional interlocutors that, through understanding the process of arrangement, display and setting, are able to conceive and manage innovative projects, as well as performances, installations or temporary and transitory events.

At postgraduate level participants will have previous undergraduate level study in the fields of architecture, interior design, visual and corporate design, graphic design, or relevant work experience, completing the course with highly specialised skills in exhibit design and management, applicable to the vast global events and exhibitor arena.

** Courses taught in Milano are awarded an Istituto Marangoni diploma.


  • Exhibition design theory & concept development
  • Marketing and exhibit design
  • Visual arts and exhibit design
  • Display and communication
  • Exhibit design techniques
  • Exhibit design and new media
  • Graphic design for exhibition
  • Lighting design for exhibitions
  • Narrative paths and exhibition layout

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