Characterise space through creative lighting

Master's Course**

1 Oct 2018 - 7 Jun 2019
enrolment fee € 5.500
tuition fee € 21.735

** Courses taught in Milano are awarded an Istituto Marangoni diploma.

Light is a fundamental element in the architectural design of different types of interior spaces, and as well as in urban locations, and landscapes. At postgraduate level this course delves deeper into the role lighting plays in design and the specific skills in the implementation, production and project management, whilst further exploring the impact of light, its influence and interaction on living, leisure and working spaces, as well as in events, exhibit design, and art.

Participants investigate the latest applications in light technology, looking at advanced lighting control systems, and automated systems in the creative-design process and functionality. The demand for energy efficiency requires companies to operate with resource optimization; participants therefore explore the development of integrated systems that interface with other design or working infrastructures, while taking into consideration environmental issues, and light pollution.

To the same extent, technological advances in recent years have led attention away from the primary, functional value of the light, and instead, placed more focus on artistic, visual and emotional results, a force that now allows lighting designers to define the ‘quality’ of living and working space.

Participants discover the perceptual and anthropological importance as a starting point of any lighting project, learning how to characterise space with a strong symbolic and emotional value through creative lighting. Design production and project management covers all issues from basic fixtures, types, methods, forms (outdoor/indoor) and exposure etc., while at postgraduate level in-depth research is key throughout the course.

Participants analyse the most established international artists and lighting designers, looking at theories toward new ways of interaction and enjoyment, such as interpretative use of lighting for events, stage or theatre, or advanced devices that ‘camouflage’ an artificial source as natural light.

At the end of the course participants will be able to enhance their design skills and co-ordinate and support the whole process of lighting design for a variety of environments and locations in lifestyle and luxury living, and all areas of architectural and industrial lighting.

** Courses taught in Milano are awarded an Istituto Marangoni diploma.


  • Architecture and lighting design
  • Lighting design history and theories
  • Lighting design techniques and applications
  • Interior design and lighting
  • Urban design and lighting
  • Interacting with light: circadian rhythm and emotional approach
  • Natural lighting and artificial lighting
  • Light and domotics
  • Interpretative lighting design
  • Advanced creative researches in lighting design

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