Interior Design & Colour in Design

Core course & 2-week pathway

7 Jan 2019 - 1 Feb 2019
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full package in twin room € 7.000
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Programme Specification


Additional study for core course · 2 week

Colour in Interior Design is primary. This short course looks at the perception of colour and the psychophysical approach needed for residential and public spaces.  Participants take a look at the capacity to harmonize colours, contemporary palettes, international trends, a brief history of colour, and the evolution of luxury living. They will discover sustainable and sensory issues in the sector, such as olfactory or tactile finishes. Knowledge acquired on the course is transferred to an interior design project in which surfaces are defined through creative proposals, with mood-board and basic layout presentation.

Week 1

In the first week colour is evaluated through its history, meanings, symbols and sensory characteristics directed to an adequate application to living spaces. Participants are introduced to chromo-therapy for public spaces, where colour has an impact on the well being of individuals.

During a creative workshop an assigned theme will be interpreted evoking images and “colour-moods” for an interior project. Investigating design showrooms and how companies propose innovative solutions for surfaces and spaces further assists in understanding the influence of colour.

Week 2

In the second week a brief analysis of colour trends will allow participants to find the right chromatic solutions in a specific context for interior projects, as well as learning how to translate the initial mood into a well balanced colour palette, taking into consideration nuance and technical influences for example; surface proposals in which light is considered to enhance paint and colours. Participants are encouraged to present their final solutions in a professional manner with some supporting graphic layouts, a correct selection of Pantone codes, and representation of colour in the planimetry of an interior design project.

*Pathways are 2-week study courses that focus on a particular theme or skill within a ‘core’ study area. Participants choose pathways as an add-on to their core course in order to undertake further study in their chosen subject. This courses are available as an addition to core courses.


This short course will guide participants through the ultimate fashionable trends in contemporary interior design. It encompasses the definition of a style through the furnishing of interior space, helping participants to improve their aesthetic sense and skills in décor.

This course will challenge participants’ ability to interpret the world of interiors and home collection, their use of complementary styles, colours and lighting effects via a vocational approach to learning.


Week 1

Participants are introduced to the planning of an interior design space through an analysis of contemporary trends in the industry, and to the use of modern project planning presentation techniques. They gain an understanding of which styles and aesthetic languages are more appropriate for fashion trend luxury housing, and how the use of creatively researched elements and images elaborate a concept.

Week 2

Participants work on the creation of a project for an interior space with an analysis of the materials to be used, highlighting appropriate color schemes to create harmony for a contemporary ambiance. They will gain an overview of design products on trend, together with an understanding of the evolution in contemporary home collections. Analysis of furnishing and lighting further assists in understanding the importance of aesthetic perception and style applied to the interior design space.

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