Interior Design & Hand Drawing for Creative Idea Development

Core course & 2-week pathway

7 Jan 2019 - 1 Feb 2019
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full package in twin room € 7.000
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Programme Specification



With the arrival of digital technology the study of free-hand representation in interior design and illustration has been overlooked. The development of an interior design project is not only technical but also emotional where creative ideas are expressed with pictorial traits, colouring techniques and chromatic proposals. This course provides key skills to quickly represent the project concept of living spaces and bring the expressive makings of architectural spaces to the forefront through free-hand drawing.

Participants will be given the basic notions on perspective design, the methodology and the techniques to depict an interior space from diverse viewpoints and the ability to express such concepts in a concise project sketch.

Week 1

In the first week participants will acquire the basic notions to build a central and casual point of view of an interior design project up to the representation of the asymmetry of space. The history of interior design illustration will be useful to understand styles from the past and their relative techno-graphical, chromatic and pictorial interpretations. Participants will use the ‘planimetry’ of different architectural spaces to confront the contemporary reality and expand on project ideas. Free-hand sketch representation will include basic furniture, objects, and ergonomic elements through the use of diverse graphic mediums and the study of shadow, using the chiaroscuro technique.

Week 2

In the second week basic perspective plans will be illustrated using diverse colouring techniques: from coloured pencil to watercolour, through to rendering techniques with markers to interpret surfaces, finishings and textures. With an introduction to international trends further colour analysis is evaluated, helping participants to understand the idea of perspective in contemporary designed spaces. The course also looks at the concept of “thought-dialogue” in design, necessary when quickly representing ideas through free hand sketching. Illustrated views of both interior and exterior projects will created over the two-week course.


*Pathways are 2-week study courses that focus on a particular theme or skill within a ‘core’ study area. Participants choose pathways as an add-on to their core course in order to undertake further study in their chosen subject. This courses are available as an addition to core courses.


This short course will guide participants through the ultimate fashionable trends in contemporary interior design. It encompasses the definition of a style through the furnishing of interior space, helping participants to improve their aesthetic sense and skills in décor.

This course will challenge participants’ ability to interpret the world of interiors and home collection, their use of complementary styles, colours and lighting effects via a vocational approach to learning.


Week 1

Participants are introduced to the planning of an interior design space through an analysis of contemporary trends in the industry, and to the use of modern project planning presentation techniques. They gain an understanding of which styles and aesthetic languages are more appropriate for fashion trend luxury housing, and how the use of creatively researched elements and images elaborate a concept.

Week 2

Participants work on the creation of a project for an interior space with an analysis of the materials to be used, highlighting appropriate color schemes to create harmony for a contemporary ambiance. They will gain an overview of design products on trend, together with an understanding of the evolution in contemporary home collections. Analysis of furnishing and lighting further assists in understanding the importance of aesthetic perception and style applied to the interior design space.

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