The exec­utive weekend master’s course in Fashion Promotion Communication & New Media, held in the local language, provides participants with the means to understand each stage of communication within the fashion business. By studying style research methods and implementing advertising strategies on traditional and innovative media, this course provides the necessary skills to implement a full communications plan, with specific emphasis on events organisation. Fashion promotion, communication & new media experts perform the role of public relations within the communications strategy of a fashion business, managing integrated plans from offline through to digital applications. They devise promotional projects in a creative key, selecting suitable strategies for the different advertising campaigns in order to interpret suitable strategies for the different ad campaigns in order to better interpret brand image and meet the requirements of the targets and reference markets.  The definition of specific content, the writing style, rules and labelling of digital language as well as interactive communications models will be studied through lessons and workshops with trade professionals.

Target: the course is aimed at professionals, journalists, and brand managers looking to specialise in fashion communication designing and developing strategies for communication, promotion, and events.

The suite of Executive MA courses provides a unique international opportunity as part of the curriculum of three extended weekends of full emersion in the fashion capitals of the world, where Istituto Marangoni has its Schools: Firenze, Paris and London . Activities include bespoke site visits, local case study testimonials and network opportunities to reinforce a global understanding and specialist knowledge of the chosen field of study.

  • 18 months · 420 hours · 168 classes · 2 weekends per month
  • Saturday 9:30 am – 7:00 pm · Sunday 8:30 am – 2.30 pm
  • course language: Italian in Milano and French in Paris



  • to design and develop communication and promotion strategies considering the targets of fashion organisations and their competitive positioning overall;
  • to analyse and assess the strategies and tactics implemented by different organisations in the fashion industry to promote products, services and experiences at different market levels;
  • to analyse the principles of communication theory and to be able assess the way in which these principles can be applied to the development of communication campaigns;
  • to understand the current problems, including new technologies, the changing role of the consumer, and emerging unconventional communications approaches and their impact on promotional strategies from fashion organisations;
  • to critically assess work published within public relations, advertising, creativity and marketing communications,


  • Public speaking and fashion writing
  • Fashion Marketing Management
  • Fashion campaigns and advertising
  • Contemporary publications in fashion
  • New narrative methods and trend transmissions
  • Future Fashion Film


  • Lectures, Workshops, Company Testimonials, Case Studies

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