Executive Master's Course

6 Oct 2018 - 19 Apr 2020
enrolment fee € 5.500
tuition fee € 16.000

Programme Specification


This exec­utive weekend master’s course, held in the local language, focuses on the creation of luxury accessories lines, with the ability to combine the fundamental aspects of the world-renowned mark ‘Made in Italy’; from design through to production.

The course starts with the creation of a line of accessories tied to the concept of luxury and technical knowledge concerning materials and prototypes. It will analyse the managerial and marketing aspects of the reference market, looking at cost and budgeting analysis. The creative idea will be applied to fashion brand collections and the design of a personal line.

After looking at the themes of the production cycle for accessories, participants will design collections, including different types of products such as bags, small leather goods, belts and shoes. The finished product will be made in conjunction with an important Italian company and the heads of style and product managers will assess the creative development of projects, from research into trends through to visual communication.

The accessories designer has the theoretical and technical skills needed in the field of leather goods and manufacturing and design, interpreting fashion and image trends for the brand as well as meeting new requirements when it comes to consumer goods. An expert in techniques that enhance materials is able to transform accessories into new and iconic items.

Target: The course is intended for professionals in the trade, product managers, entrepreneurs, fashion and accessory designers and others looking to study and update their creative and technical skills for the fashion accessory trade.

The suite of Executive MA courses provides a unique international opportunity as part of the curriculum of three extended weekends of full emersion in the fashion capitals of the world, where Istituto Marangoni has its Schools: Firenze, Paris and London. Activities include bespoke site visits, local case study testimonials and network opportunities to reinforce a global understanding and specialist knowledge of the chosen field of study.

  • 18 months · 420 hours · 168 classes · 2 weekends per month
  • Saturday 9:30 am – 7:00 pm · Sunday 8:30 am – 2.30 pm
  • course language: Italian in Milano and French in Paris 


  • to design and create a collection of accessories;
  • to choose the best materials for the product and to try out new shapes and proportions;
  • to get to know and manage the production stages for the accessory, defining costs and drawing up professional product sheets;
  • to familiarise with the fashion panorama as well as that of businesses and accessories;
  • to propose a creative project that will include a wide mix of goods and coordinated products.


  • The accessory product
  • Collection building and management
  • Visual communication and brand identity
  • Research methods


  • Lectures, Workshops, Company Testimonials, Case Studies

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