Advanced fashion design

Executive Short Course · 6 weekends

6 Oct 2018 - 16 Dec 2018
tuition fee only € 4.100

Executive Short Course · 6 weekends

6 Oct 2018 - 16 Dec 2018
tuition fee only £ 3.800

This course is intended for designers who are looking to enhance their professional skills and add to their creative portfolio with a contemporary presentation and vision.  Aimed at individuals already working in the industry, or with prior study in Fashion Design,

participants will analyse the fashion market and explore the creative processes behind the creation of a successful portfolio, discovering how to formulate their own ideas and translate them into a coherent and effective visual representation. At an advanced level this course encourages the development of individual creativity, while also being open to connect to current trends and issues in fashion today.

The overall aim of the course is to acquire the skills to create collection portfolios that are highly contemporary and instil innovation and creativity.


Weekend 1

The first part of the course develops through a study and market analysis on macro trends. Meanwhile with the goal of fostering personal inspiration, creative research; acknowledged as a fundamental base for the preparation and development of individual projects, takes a look at contemporary trends and current issues in the industry.

Weekend 2

The second part of the course focuses on transferring the research to an individual and practical fashion theme that also responds to market trends, participants are guided in designing and developing effective creative ideas with an appropriate selection of colours and fabrics.

Weekend 3

The third part of the course focuses on the importance of shape definition, and the choice of materials and colours that lead to the correct coordination of a fashion collection.

Participants are shown ways of translating creative ideas into focused projects that combine suitable aesthetics with specific market requirements.

Weekend 4

This part of the course focuses an informed analysis on the core principles in the development of a portfolio covers: silhouettes, colour charts, fabrics and trimmings, right up to the planning and creation of a complete outfit, without of course ignoring technical aspects related to product viability.

Weekend 5

In the last phase participants will have the opportunity to complete their individual project, assisted in the preparation a professional presentation. They will analyse the relationship between the creation, and effective communication of a fashion style, presenting their work via inspirational creative figures, suitable fashion illustrations, and detailed technical charts.

Weekend 6

In the final part of the course, participants aim to conclude the course with a professional presentation that combines the creative aspects of design with reflections on social aspects and appropriateness to their reference market.

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