Executive Short Course · 6 weekends

6 Oct 2018 - 16 Dec 2018
tuition fee only £ 3.800

Programme Specification


The fashion buyer plays a key role in the world of fashion; he or she is a trade expert with the task of observing and interpreting the trends and choosing the most suitable products and collections to introduce into a store, based on their awareness of all the new moods and intuition of the season’s trends.
The course aims to help students fully understand the role of the fashion buyer, seen from different viewpoints: end consumer, multi-brand retailer, brand-owner company, vertical retailer and e-commerce website.

Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will be awarded an Istituto Marangoni Certificate. The executive short courses are suited to those with skills already obtained through prior learning or through working in the disciplines or in a related context.


Weekend 1

Participants will define the ideal personal characteristics of the fashion buyer, the company structures in which they could potentially be required to work and how they interact with store merchandisers by analysing the unique aspects of fashion digital buying and the new skills of the profession in the field of management.

Weekend 2

Participants will perform a critical analysis of trends and, based on this, identify the criteria for selecting brands and making decisions about extending their in-store presence, in line with the corporate image…  the KPI (for physical and digital retail markets), store & visual planning based on buying and vice versa.

Weekend 3

Through classroom lessons, talks by key players in the trade and practical exercises, the course will tackle subjects ranging from market analyses to the construction of a typical order for each format and cluster of stores, from the segmentation of end consumers to the definition of an assortment planning operation (options regarding width, depth, price bracket, styling and fit).

Weekend 4

Participants will analyse the aspects related to planning budget targets and analysing the profitability of the point of sale, defining the economic and financial indicators to be considered for the construction of strategic profit models.
Participants will study the management plan for the fashion store, the importance of configuring the sales area effectively and of visual merchandising.

Weekend 5

The new technologies in the retail market designed to support buying. The digital revolution in progress is also transforming the companies in the retail sector, which must now develop new approaches to the clientele and new business models as the consumer becomes increasingly active and interactive.
The store can become a distribution centre for digital services where the traditional sale is integrated with e-commerce, m-commerce and mobile services.

Weekend 6

Participants will analyse Customer Relationship Management in relation to the traditional customer and the developments of the Net Economy. The purchasing experience for the fashion product has changed over the last few years and the customer lives in an extremely complex environment characterised by the complexities of the technologies, the wide variety of the supply, the speed of the transactions and the increase in offline and online opportunities.

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