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The Course

Fashion Business

Develop your skills in business and management within luxury and fashion markets
Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Business aims to provide students with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the different methods, processes, and types of businesses that are part of the wider picture of the global fashion industry.
The fashion business manager studies the fashion scene, analyses the competition, and evaluates product development, planning, promotion and sales channels, collaborating with all business areas including design, production, marketing and sales departments. Fashion business professionals are able to evaluate the intrinsic characteristics of the garment or product, the evolution of consumer habits, lifestyles and the needs of the market. They understand techniques of sales and marketing, the target audience and setting a price range, and are skilled in coordinating business partners and employees.
The overall aim of the Fashion Business program is to provide students with an in depth understanding of the principles of business practice, management and marketing, via an in-depth exploration of how these principles operate within the confines of fashion and luxury.


This program addresses all issues related to the marketing and development strategies of a brand, identifying the values that characterize the fashion identity of a company (equity).
From a strategic and market-oriented blend of the main perspectives in fashion business, the program covers business strategy, budgeting, finance, product development, fashion marketing, communication, branding, retail operations management, global distribution channels, as well as customer relationship management and CSR.

29 Aug 2022 - 16 Dec 2022
English  - Fee

Fashion is an industry in constant evolution; therefore, both time-tested and contemporary marketing strategies are analyzed in order to achieve business goals. Students learn brand marketing and development strategies, identifying the values that characterize the identity and ‘signature’ of a product or brand. By studying cultural, sociological and historical dynamics in fashion, they understand the influence of trends in different countries and realities and their impact on sales performance. The course looks at current issues in the industry including sustainability and new media digital marketing (virtual platforms, e- commerce, social media) working to define a commercial proposal that meets the demands of the fashion industry of today. Key focus is also given to competitor evaluation and analysis techniques. Through the principles of economics and finance, students are able to measure profitability, ensure compliance with budgets and strategies, and implement specific cost control systems.

At the end of the program, students undertake a research project resulting in a business plan for a start- up, or for existing brand development. This course teaches real-world business skills.

  • The fashion system, predictors & consumer markets
  • Trends, cultural movements, innovation
  • Production and manufacturing processes
  • The role of the fashion buyer
  • Marketing strategies & communications tools
  • Brands and branding
  • Finance and management control
  • Fashion retailing & digital marketing
  • The history of fashion to present day
  • Creative research theory & practice
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