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The Course

Digital Strategy for Fashion Brands

Develop a state-of-the-art and dynamic digital brand
Short courses
Short courses

This dynamic short course drives participants into a full immersion on the world of digital business strategy applied to fashion.


With a special focus on how to set up and execute a successful brand digital fashion business leveraging on key strategy factors including the Brand Purpose, the Target customer and digital analytics, the New Digital Media as the key asset for revenues and brand awareness, participants will discover the tool kit for the development of effective activities driving impactful business growth.
The course will be enriched by in-depth analysis of the most successful case studies in the industry and by masterclasses by the most advanced and cool fashion companies in the digital world.
Participants will discover notions of business strategy, marketing and customer experience.

20 Jun 2022 - 08 Jul 2022
Italian · English  - Fee
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Programme Specification


Week 1

In the first week participants will discover, through the best-in-class case histories, how the digital world has developed in a way that has disrupted the past 20 years business in the fashion industry, the rise of the e-commerce global companies and the impact on the fashion marketing and communications approach.

A special focus will be dedicated to the new media, the rise of influencer media and the revolution on the business they generated as well as the specific China model.

Week 2

Participants will get in depth of the new business model developed in fashion around the digital approach and its evolution: from the first e-commerce to the social media commerce, the gamification and the new apps developed around a new concept of e-business like the entertainment-business.

A special focus will be dedicated to the Luisa Via Roma business model evolution.

Week 3

The evolution of the media and their transformation into business channels. A dedicated focus to the sneaker world and the success of Highsnobiety in the fashion landscape.

While marketing still holds the key to business growth, its leverages continue to change and evolve and participants will discover all the opportunities given by this cross-pollination of the business model.

The complete tool kit for a successful digital business strategy in fashion will be unveiled: from the Brand Purpose to the Target Customer identification, from the business analytics to the relevance of the omni-channel, from the new communication mix to the most updated merchandising strategies and plans, participants will be driven to explore and handle the key leverages to drive a solid business growth for a fashion brand in such a fast-growing and deeply changing landscape.


  • The rise of Internet and a new Fashion Business Model
  • Digital Marketing tools
  • Omni-channel strategy
  • Social media for business
  • Merchandising
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