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The Course

Fashion Buying & Merchandising


Target: fashion industry professionals, and more. This course is developed to deepen the characteristics of the product, the materials and the quality control. You will learn how to analyse a fashion collection, to recognize the style and identity of the brand, to select and manage the different product categories.

The aim of the course is to train a fashion buyer and merchandiser expert in the fashion sector, capable of coordinating a showroom, managing an order and maintaining contact between the company and the reference stores.


Fashion Buying & Merchandising: power your knowledge on fashion and luxury products, anticipating trends and creating the most innovative merchandising plans for your brand.

With a strong passion for the fashion product and market trends, an analytical mind and an attention to quality, participants learn to recognize the style and identity of the brand, the product categories and collections, to anticipate the future trends.

The purpose of the course is to train experienced professionals in retail, merchandising and visual merchandising, who know how to manage product orders and relations with the reference stores and showrooms.

The buying and merchandising expert will be able to work traveling in the fashion capitals, participating in fairs and events such as fashion shows, or work in the back office of a fashion and luxury company.

By collecting and analyzing data on products, targets and trends, and learning to use new digital technologies, the fashion buyer and merchandiser will be able to manage e-commerce platforms through innovative strategies.

11 Oct 2022 - 23 Mar 2023
English  - Fee
Only course fee
رهم AED28,000
Open Day Dubai
Professionals Programmes Scholarship
Career opportunities
Learning focus

With this course participants will be able to manage and plan product and collection orders for fashion and luxury brands.

Among the professional roles – they will be able to work with fashion and luxury brands as a buying and merchandising expert, as a retail manager and a visual merchandiser.

With the knowledge of technologies and digital channels, they will also able to collaborate for the management of e-commerce strategies and physical and digital samples.

Thanks to the skills acquired, students will be taught how to recognize and anticipate fashion trends and the fundamental characteristics of the product, the quality and the conscious choice of materials.

  • Fashion buying structure
  • Merchandising plan
  • Product development
  • Visual display and e-commerce
  • Data collection analysis
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