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The Course

Fashion Design

Broaden your fashion career horizons
Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design aims to form future professionals for the engaging fashion industry.
Today’s fashion designers are catalysts of creativity, forming new trends, responding to consumer demands, industry developments and new technology, from initial design right through to the finished garment. Students learn a breadth of skills and knowledge in design, pattern cutting and garment technology, for womenswear, menswear, and elements of fashion accessories design. The program encourages students to develop an individual style, necessary to build a solid future in fashion.
Graduates will be equipped to deal with existing and emerging technologies in today’s apparel manufacturing and retailing environments and have an understanding of business practices within the global clothing industry. In the final year students work as independent practitioners, completing the course with the necessary skills to progress onto industry placement, postgraduate study, or as independent self-employed professionals.


This program trains skilled fashion designers capable of using techniques in clothing manufacture, as well as being able to respond to new demands in the fashion and luxury industry. The fashion designer is the source of creative ideas and new trends, not only in clothing, but also in textiles, fabrics and accessories.
Starting with skills in sketching and fashion drawing, this course moves on to address key notions and advanced techniques in fashion design and fabric and clothing manufacturing, as well as cultural studies in the history of dress, and the fashion system. Working directly from their own illustrated ideas, students’ progress on to collection design and garment making; selecting the most appropriate materials, analyzing fabrics, applying draping and pattern cutting techniques, and final garment construction.

29 Aug 2022 - 16 Dec 2022
English  - Fee

Participants will also learn how to create collections and work on an accurate analysis of materials and fabrics, integrating communication codes and influences that may come from personal experiences, art, cinema, and design to name just a few. Research approaches to creative and original product development are key throughout.
Students are also encouraged to experiment with new approaches in the industry that are evolving today, including renewable and sustainable resources, innovative materials, and new technologies, building an individual style and nurturing creative and professional abilities to design womenswear and menswear collections, with an eye constantly attuned to new style codes, key production methods are also covered. They understand the fashion business and know how to calculate production costs to meet the needs of the target consumer and anticipate trends, while respecting the brand’s image or client brief.
The study of trends encourages students to create an innovative and contemporary individual collection. In the final year of the course, the best collections may be showcased.

  • Fashion drawing & illustration (2D, 3D)
  • Prototyping (lab & workshop) pattern cutting, maquette
  • Visual communication & professional presentation skills
  • Digital design
  • The study of fabrics and materials
  • Professional design portfolio & collection
  • Marketing & fashion business
  • Analysis and strategies of contemporary fashion
  • History of fashion
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