Discover the Haute Couture Capital of Fashion

Short Courses · 2 weeks

11 Jan 2021 - 22 Jan 2021
full package in twin room € 3.500
full package in single room € 4.300
tuition fee only € 2.600

Programme Specification

This 2-week course allows participants to explore Paris, France, and its select trademark: the luxurious role of Haute Couture.  Couture design offers an internationally known and recognised concept of handmade beauty involving multiple hours of work: a contemporary fantasy or dream.

Through a series of lectures and workshops participants will be introduced to a broad overview of Haute Couture, as well as the Fashion System, and will be able to appreciate the cultural and economical impact contemporary couture has today. The course defines and explains the combination of technological innovation, contemporary communication strategies and historic values, as well as the typical work of a couturier, seamstress or tailor. Additional visits to exhibitions and historic places in Paris assist participants understanding of the languages of Haute Couture in contemporary fashion.

Week 1

The first week provides an overview of the capital of couture fashion, its history, influence and contemporary stand within an international fashion system.  Participants will investigate the world of luxury womenswear, craftsmanship, and the highest quality fabrics and materials, as well as key industry values or rather, the business ‘behind the glamour’, helping them to understand the connection between creativity and communication processes in luxury.

Additional visits to Paris’s most important fashion districts provide a perfect insight into the products, the luxury fashion houses, their clients and how couture design is deeply embedded into the city’s history and daily life.

Week 2

During the second week participants broaden their knowledge of haute couture and its main players. They will discover the fantasy that surrounds the world of Hollywood and European aristocracy, as well as the economical power of leading international business professionals or young pop culture, and how they are all linked to the ‘Maison de Couture’.

Participants will investigate the world of contemporary art, fashion and culture within couture design, and identify how luxury companies use these values to communicate exclusivity and added value uniqueness.

At the end this exciting course they are able to apply their city research, and newly acquired appreciation of haute couture design and culture, into brief marketing plan or illustrated communication proposal for a couture collection, or luxury maison of their choice.



  • History of Fashion and Luxury
  • The Couture Houses (historic facts vs. what they are today)
  • Contemporary Parisian culture
  • Haute Couture: craftsmanship and savoir-faire
  • Haute Couture and Luxury in the digital age
  • Paris, the places Couture is made
  • Personal marketing project

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