Explore Trends from Street to Luxury

Short Courses · 2 weeks

7 Sep 2020 - 18 Sep 2020
full package in single room £ 3.100
tuition fee only £ 2.300


This 2-week course allows participants to explore the fashion spirit of London with its kaleidoscope of styles; a unique metropolitan city where creative minds find inspiration on many different levels.

London offers a broad view on the definition of ‘contemporary style’, for example from its aristocratic heritage in classic ‘sartorial style’ tailoring, to its 60s legacy of ‘mods’ or 70s punks and new wave youth culture rebels to name just a few.  Furthermore, with its global melting pot of different cultures, it continues to be a major player in emerging new trends before they become ‘global’.

Through a series of lectures and workshops participants will be introduced to these contrasts in style cohabiting in the city. Additional visits to exhibitions and hands-on visual research projects assist participants understanding of ‘street style’, and how London is able to continually influence and inspire the world of fashion.



Week 1

The first week of the course provides an overview of various important moments in history focusing on style, for example; sartorial tailoring, rebel youth movements, and the ‘Swinging 60s’ era, looking at brand icons that have become benchmarks of British culture.

Participants will investigate London Fashion Week and its influence on the Fashion Industry as well as the local retail and visual merchandising environments. Visits to exhibitions, historic boutiques and other areas of interest all assist in gaining a better understanding, and appreciation, of London’s diversity of style and culture.

Week 2

Via a more practical ‘hands on’ approach to study, the second week gives participants the chance to experiment with the vibrant creativity of London and its emerging trends. By undertaking a research project directly on the streets of the city participants will discover some of the more trendy or ‘edgy’ areas and are shown how to recognise and identify styles, street-culture elements, and how to take inspiration from what they see around them.  The project involves identifying and photographing people, stores, features, places, and ambiances that could describe new emerging ‘style tribes’.  This exciting trend-forecasting project will be supported by mood-boards illustrating each ‘tribe’, or potential London street style discovery.


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