The Made in Italy Mix of Fashion, Art & Design

Short Courses · 2 weeks

6 Jul 2020 - 17 Jul 2020
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full package in twin room € 3.540
full package in single room € 3.800
tuition fee only € 2.600

Programme Specification


This 2-week course allows participants to explore the Made in Italy trademark by visiting 2 key cities for Italian fashion and art: Milan and Florence. The expression ‘Italian Style’ has always been synonymous with quality and beauty all over the world.

Through a series of lectures and workshops offering a broad overview of the Fashion System, participants will be able to appreciate the refined materials, the scrupulous attention to detail, the typical work of artisans combined with technological innovation, finesse and good taste.

Of particular importance is the opportunity to visit fairs and exhibitions focusing on art and on new artistic influences in all its forms, in order to better understand how these are closely related to, and an important part of, the world of fashion.

Week 1

The first week of the course takes place in Milan, the capital of Italian fashion.

An investigation of the Italian Fashion System will provide an insight into the professionalism involved in the industry, the production chain, the wealth of companies supplying materials, and will allow the participants to appreciate Italian fashion in all its creative and technical aspects. Visits to fabric showrooms and important manufacturing and production companies are also scheduled during the week. A fundamental part of the course focuses on analysing the style of some of the most iconic fashion designers who currently represent Italian style in the world.

Week 2

The second week of the course takes place in Florence, the capital of Italian art and culture. Surrounded by artistic masterpieces and contemporary fashion participants have the opportunity to further examine additional aspects of style and inspiration that are fundamental for the creation of a fashion collection.

The combination of art and fashion is in fact very present in the fashion system and represents an important characteristic of Italian style. Visits to museums and exhibitions are included in order to enrich participant’s appreciation of culture, and increase awareness of aesthetics and the philosophy of beauty.



Learning focus

  • Define and undertake an independent research project that incorporates the artistic perception of a fashion product.
  • Critically analyse information to recognise Italian style.
  • Identify a collection with the correct connection between design functionality and aesthetics for a specific market segment.
  • Understand and recognize the craftsmanship and attention to detail that is typical of ‘Made in Italy’.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the fashion industry and understand the work of professionals past and present.

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