Advanced Fashion Business & Design

Avocational Executive Course · 2 weeks

10 Feb 2020 - 21 Feb 2020
13 Jul 2020 - 24 Jul 2020 28 Sep 2020 - 9 Oct 2020
tuition fee $ 3.500

Programme Specification

Updating fashion identity & vision

This course aims to enhance collection design skills, and provide a contemporary business vision, to improve portfolios or help redefine individual creative profiles. Aimed at individuals already working in the industry, or with some prior study in fashion design, participants will analyze the fashion market and explore the creative processes behind the creation of a successful portfolio, discovering how to reformulate their own ideas and translate them into a more coherent and effective visual representation.

Through a mix of research and an analysis of existing brands, markets and customer profiles, participants will have the opportunity to create or update a capsule collection, with an understanding of new developments in the industry from both a design and business perspective. At an advanced level this short course encourages the development of individual creativity, while also being open to connect to current trends and issues in fashion today. The overall aim of the course is to acquire or update skills to enhance collection portfolios, and to instill innovation and creativity via new insights in marketing, promotion and brand identity.


Week 1
The first part of the course opens up via study into market analysis on macro trends and competitor analysis. Meanwhile with the goal of fostering personal inspiration and creative research; acknowledged as a fundamental base for the preparation and development of individual projects, participants also take a look at contemporary trends and current issues in the industry such as sustainability, and the new buyer / consumer. During the week focus moves onto transferring research to an individual and practical fashion theme that also responds to market trends. Participants are also shown ways of translating creative design ideas into focused projects that combine suitable aesthetics with target market requirements.

Week 2
Working from both a design and business point of view, this week analyses the relationship between the creation, and the effective communication, of a fashion style. Participants will begin to present their work via inspirational creative figures, suitable fashion illustrations, and technical charts. They will also consider the target audience and look at how to define and create a digital strategy, focusing on branding in the Digital Era. Participants are guided to conclude the course with a presentation of works that combine the creative aspects of collection design, with reflections on new business and promotional aspects appropriate to their chosen reference market.

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