Short Courses · 3 weeks

20 Jul 2020 - 7 Aug 2020
14 Sep 2020 - 2 Oct 2020
tuition fee only $ 5.000

20 Jul 2020 - 7 Aug 2020
14 Sep 2020 - 2 Oct 2020
tuition fee only $ 5.000

Programme Specification


This short course introduces participants to the basics of fashion photography*. They will develop an understanding of how fashion photography emerged and evolved from the 1950s onwards. Photographing a figure, deconstructing a look, understanding what styling is and how to apply it. These are all elements that they will explore. They will be introduced to digital photography techniques, indoor and outdoor shooting, retouching and image processing applicable to the fashion industry, and be given the opportunity to create a fashion photo book of their work via a vocational learning approach.


Week 1
An introduction to digital photography techniques will be the starting point of the course. A studio-based induction to photographic technique
and equipment will take place. Participants will explore the past, present and future fashion photography trends to understand the context
in which they will be working. The access and navigation of sourcing tools (books, articles, magazines, internet, street style etc.) will be
key for developing creative ideas. The goal of the first week is to begin fashion photography and testing skills by taking shots of what are
interesting fashion looks around the streets of Miami.

Week 2
Participants are introduced to the fundamentals of fashion styling, looking at what defines a particular style, its concept and visual elements,
and explore trend forecasting in fashion and luxury. Participants will also be introduced to the fashion blog; today considered one of the
most important contemporary communication tools for style through photography. Practical exercises in street photography and trends
analysis, and graphic layout for editorial will help build the communication of an individual style concept.

Week 3
Participants will have the opportunity to implement their own photographic styling project. The work will be the culmination of the first two
weeks of activity with the presentation of a mood board that communicates the fashion concept and idea development through photographic
images. Using basic techniques in digital retouching and editing, participants will be guided to present their work in a fashion photo book.

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