Avocational Executive Course · 2 weeks

30 Sep 2019 - 11 Oct 2019

Programme Specification

This course aims to define and enhance fashion styling skills with a focus on brand and market analysis, trends, communication and customer profile.  The overall aim of this short course is to highlight and redefine brand image, and essentially understand the ‘power’ of style.

Aimed at professionals already working in the industry, participants will analyze and explore various strategies in the creation of a successful styling proposal.  Work will involve written and visual research, together with insights into visual merchandising, target markets, and budget costs in project planning for a styling proposal.

At an advanced level this short course encourages the development individual creativity, while also providing a chance to update an individual lookbook or styling proposal.


Week 1

The first part of the course introduces a brief study into market analysis and macro trends within a fashion and design environment. Then the course moves forward looking at contemporary trends and key notions in photography, visual research techniques & mind mapping, color psychology, and the new buyer / consumer in a digital age. Techniques of customer profiling, and issues in artificial intelligence and augmented reality are also discussed.

As the week progresses, the emphasis moves onto visual display strategies and visual retailing. ln-store visits to some of Miami’s more fast-moving boutiques and forward-thinking stores provide participants with direct examples of how to translate and communicate style in relation to target market requirements.

Week 2

Working from both a styling and business point of view, this week explores the influence and power of effective communication in fashion, both online and offline.  Participants will learn and understand what makes style successful on social media channels, while exploring target audiences, influencers, Instagram narratives and content marketing strategies, experiential marketing, and in-store technology to name just a few.

Participants will also have the chance to put together their own styling lookbook or proposal focusing on branding in the Digital Era, incorporating style – image – promotion, as well as a reflection on issues in retail display, and in innovative styling promotion.

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