Garment Construction

Avocational Short Courses · 3 weeks

28 Oct 2019 - 15 Nov 2019
tuition fee only $ 5.000

Programme Specification


Pattern-cutters create patterns based on illustrated designs that are used in the construction of fashion garments. In this short course participants are introduced to the  most important elements of pattern cutting techniques, focusing on cut and construction in garment making, providing participants with key pattern-cutting skills that may be applied to basic garment construction, as well as seeking new perspectives in cut via a  vocational approach to learning.

The course looks at how to develop and personalize the ‘base block’ for their cut, while  an interpretation of line, volume and silhouette are all studied through an understanding  of contemporary fashion practice.

Participants are introduced to the process of cut and quality control related issues,  working on how to find and improve any defects. They are shown how to use different  materials, consider weight, composition, and typology, and gain an understanding  of 2D garment cut and appropriate construction techniques. This course primarily  concentrates on practical lessons so that participants may acquire ‘hands-on’ pattern- cutting skills and knowledge, as well as providing an introduction on how to budget designs to produce appropriate garments for a chosen market.




  • Contemporary cutting and product development
  • Cut development and the luxury industry
  • Construction techniques
  • Atelier and new perspectives

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