This course introduces the participants to the world of fashion accessories, a products that continues to gain more importance from a fashion point of view as well as in any fashion retail strategy.
The course takes the participants through basic drawing and colouring as the main tool to express ideas, as well as giving them visual language to communicate design aesthetics through research based on current fashion trends.
After just three weeks, students will have finished design proposals for a fashion accessories collection realised in a professional digital format as the course reflects the work of a real fashion accessory designer. The course is short and intense and gives a real feel for the fast pace of working in the fashion industry.


week 1
During the first week, participants start with accessory drawing as a fundamental part of a fashion designer’s work.
This skill is developed in three different ways; through pencil drawing and colouring by hand, as well as digital design.
At the same time, two seminars are scheduled that allow the student to grasp the fundamentals of how the fashion world is operating and how trends influence the process.
This serves as a base for starting to develop visual research, which is the starting point of a fashion collection.

week 2
During the second week, the research starts to develop into a fashion collection, and participants sketch all sorts of accessories, such as bags, shoes and small leather goods in order to propose a complete collection with a strong concept.
The seminars give participants the necessary understanding of how to put a collection range together, as well as helping them to understand the different materials they can use in their collection. At this stage the colouring, both digitally and by hand, becomes less experimental and more definitive as a way to express what materials the student has chosen to work with.

week 3
The third and last week is focused on putting together the final presentation in a strong, visual language true to the work of professional fashion designers. This implies coloured illustrations as well as moodboards and all technical charts. The seminar on Fashion Semiotics gives an insight into the world of consumer behaviour, decodes the way we use fashion to identify ourselves and gives participants the skill to propose successful products in the future. At the end of the course, individual collections are presented to the tutors and peers as a way for students to practice a convincing oral presentation of individual ideas as an accessories designer.

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