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May 22, 2024

5 ways I’m dressing just like my mum, the family Boomer

Fashion’s totally all about those comebacks, like throwbacks from back in the day, right? So, before you diss your parents’ wardrobe, go and check your mum’s closet—there could be some epic finds in there.

And hey, don’t be too quick to toss out stuff from your mum’s stash. You might regret it later—trust me, it happens.

It’s not just about the old-fashioned dress itself; it’s how you style it up. Mix it with some new, radical pieces, add some flair, or layer it up—boom, you’ve got a whole new look!

Alright, let’s get into it! Here are a few pieces your mum rocked that are now making a huge comeback.


Slip Dress: From Medieval Undies to Your Mum’s Closet—Who Would’ve Thought?

The slip dress has some serious roots—Middle Ages, anyone? But it wasn’t until the ‘90s, shoutout to top model Kate Moss, that it became the ultimate trend. Made of silk, it screams elegance, especially in soft shades like ivory and grey.

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Back in the day, it was a solo act. But now? It’s all about layers. Mixing and matching—think pairing it with a sweater—a trend that stole the show among fashion enthusiasts.

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Fringe Frenzy in Your Fav Boomer’s Wardrobe—Let’s Look for Hidden Gems

Fringes have been in the game since 3000 BC, starting with Mesopotamian skirts and shawls in materials like cotton or linen. Native Americans also embraced fringes, often crafting them separately from clothing in strips or ropes of leather and suede.

@momentsohistory Charleston, social jazz dance highly popular in the 1920s and frequently revived. Characterized by its toes-in, heels-out twisting steps, it was performed as a solo, with a partner, or in a group. #historyvideo #history #fyp #xyzbca #unitedstates #charlestondance #roaring20s ♬ original sound - momentsofhistory - Moments of History

But what about the 1920s? That was the fringes’ heyday, especially with the Charleston dress, named after its lively dance, featuring swaying fringes that added dynamism to the dance floor.

Fast forward to the ‘70s, when our mums were probably killing it in suede and leather fringes. Who knows, maybe they’ve got some hidden gems stashed away? Time to raid their closets as fringes are back in full force this year, thanks to the latest fashion shows.


Sailors to Style Icons: Flare Pants Are Ready for Your Epic Comeback

Flares, or bell-bottoms, weren’t just a ‘60s and ‘70s thing—they have a history that sails way back to the early 19th century. Sailors in the US Navy started wearing these wide-legged trousers for their practicality, which were later adopted by the British Royal Navy as part of their official uniform.

In the swinging ‘60s and groovy ‘70s, flare pants hit the mainstream fashion scene. In the ‘60s, they were often paired with Cuban-heeled shoes or Chelsea boots, while icons like Cher made them famous by wearing them on air during their TV show in the Seventies.

@liv.ishak What do you guys think? 70s high flare w24l32 from @Levi’s 💙 #levis #levishighwaistedjeans #levisjeans #70sfashion ♬ original sound - Liv🍒

Flares had a resurgence in the ‘90s as boot-cut trousers and are now back in style with even wider flares, adorned with ruffles and embellishments. They’re not just on runways but also in the collections of major high-street brands, showing how this style is popular across all levels of the fashion scene.

These pants have seen it all, with endless variations and gracing the legs of celebs and beyond—maybe even our mums! Whether it’s classic denim or bold styles, taking a peek into your mum’s archive is the move.


Capri Pants Revival: Digging Up Audrey Hepburn’s Iconic Trend from Your Mum’s Archive?

Legend has it that in 1948, designer Sonja de Lennart introduced Capri pants, named after Italy’s stunning island of Capri. They hit peak popularity in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, with a little help from style icon Audrey Hepburn, who made them a must-have.

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After a stint out of the limelight, they’re back and bolder than ever. But despite their resurgence, only the bravest rock them. Ready to step up? Dive into your mum’s closet—you might just find your new favourite piece!

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Furry Fab: Check (Grand)ma’s Closet for Retro Glam

Furry coats were peak style until the ‘70s and ‘80s, especially when paired with a matching hat for that cosy mountain vibe. Bet your mums and grandmas have a few tucked away!

@maaikelothmann It’s (faux) fur season 🐻 #winterfashion #furcoat #ijhallen #amsterdam #vintagefashion #thrifting ♬ оригінальний звук - musicdem🎱

Now, with second-hand shopping and ethical fashion in the spotlight, why not grab a vintage gem straight from your fav Boomers’ wardrobes? It’s eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and oh-so-trendy.

Just a heads up – you might find some stylish pieces from your mum’s or aunt’s closet or from someone who is 20 years older than you. That’s the magic of fashion—it’s all about the cycle, where what’s old is new again in the blink of an eye. So, go ahead and check it out, Gen Z explorers! Happy hunting in the boomers’ closets!



Lucrezia Spina
MA alumna in Fashion Omnichannel & E-Commerce, Milan