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Apr 13, 2022

I’m not here:
Anatomy of
eight fashion scenes

Our latest short film, called I'm not here, depicts what is probably our worst nightmare and best reality at the same time.

Split into eight fashion scenes, from “Word of Honor” to “Poker”, from “Broken Flowers” to “Blue Express”, through “Dancer”, “Mirror”, “Double Face”, and “New Day”, the episodes will give you a completely different perspective on your life.

But how did it all come together? As the movie gets its reveal, a team member who made the magic happen tells us about the sense of “the two of me” the scenes evoke.

Please watch the video and read what stylist Chloe Xu Yutao says.

The whole world is blue.

From the daylight sky to the mood reflection, your personalities change with the shades of blue. Nice and gentle in the daytime, you need to express yourself through a darker mind at night.

A little angel becomes a demon.

You lose yourself twice a day, at dawn and dusk –  that's when you are splitting your personality.

Who said such a person would be an oxymoron? Nonsense, my other individuality and I are good friends.

We survive in the same body, coexist peacefully, and are there for each other every day.

I like myself this way. I mean, we like each other this way.

Stand in front of a mirror: are you the nice, gentle person outside the mirror, or are you the imaginary person you see in the mirror? 

I am pretty much like poker; you never know if the card you flip to is the noble Queen or the crazy Joker.

Flowers are beautiful, my dear. Are broken flowers still beautiful to you?

Which do you like then, a broken me or an angel me?

Deep in my soul, I love who I am.

I dance with myself.

Am I the only one doing this? No, the other me is always by my side. We are the closest of friends, aren't we?



Chloe Xu Yutao
Student in Fashion Styling programme, Shanghai 



I’m not here: Eight fashion scenes – team credits

Word of Honor, style Susan Su

Poker, style Wanrong Li

Broken Flowers, style Chloe Xu

Blue Express, style Fangfang Zhou

Dancer, style Xiaoli Yan

Mirror, style Min Zhu

Double Face, style Jiaxin Zheng

New Day, style Yue Zhan


For all the episodes, Director & Cinematography Olivier Hero Dressen, Creative Direction & Assistant Director Thibault Royer, Gaffer & BTS Matthieu Ribary, Production Istituto Marangoni Shanghai Supreme Studio, Models Li Jiaxin and Cui Fuwan, MUA & Hairstylist Yuyu.