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Mar 04, 2022

for a real connection

Anyone, at any time, can know where we are, what we are doing, what our tastes and secrets are. We are constantly traced through that small, now essential object: our smartphone. It can bring incredible comforts, allowing people to connect even from different continents, but it can also prevent consumers from distinguishing reality from representation. Mobile phones allow us to be in touch all the time, but they separate us more and more.

We have an intimate relationship with our smartphones

We are so constantly consumed by computer images, videos and artificial sounds that we forget to look out the window. How do we get home? We use our phone. How do we take a picture? With our phone. How do we take notes? The phone is the answer. We have an intimate relationship with our phones; we even use them to make some love.

What did we use to do before?

Our old face-to-face intimacy with living and breathing beings is perhaps the aspect that has changed more than any other since smartphones became a thing. We no longer talk to a guy at the bar or give our phone number to that person sitting at the counter. In short, we don’t have the guts to show our true feelings because we are too afraid to be rejected. Why would you have to fight when you can post your reaction on Instagram, find your better half on dating apps and make a video call with your phone? Being able to hide behind the screen has made everything easier and muffled. What if your crush doesn't like you back? Swipe right.

Let’s see the world from a totally different perspective

The fashion film explores this theme by showing two characters trying to date each other. It’s a very young couple, belonging to a generation born and raised with a smartphone in their hands. Image distortion is at the heart of this video concept, as it allows you to see the world from a totally different perspective, such as the Google Maps lens or a phone camera.

Searching is a critique of modern society seen from a fresh perspective. Everyone can find you quickly, control you and even make you believe that you are always connected. The aim of this short movie is to show the dystopian reality hidden behind our phones.


Luca Gonella
Fashion Styling and Creative Direction Alumnus, Milan


Idea by Luca Gonella, A film by Vasta, Models Flavio Crespi and Matilde Cafaro, Stylist Luca Gonella, MUA Elizabeth Bolzoni, Assistant Federica Belalba